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Celebrity photographer Helen Tinner 
is sharing her experience and love of photography
with a range of comprehensive workshops


These workshops are designed for the individual or business owner looking to achieve a greater understanding about the technical and creative side of photography or needing to improve their photographic abilities using a DSLR, snappy or mobile phone for branding and marketing purposes
GCSE & A Levels photography students
have hugely benefited from these workshops,
gaining an extraordinary insight into the world of photography
• An introduction to your camera or phones photographic settings
• Lenses and composition – we will work the combinations
• Advanced camera settings – moving from ‘AUTO’ to ‘MANUAL’
• Understanding flash (inbuilt or detachable)
• Advanced photographic workshop
• Post- production workshop - showcase your photographs

What our customers say


"I learnt more in two hours with Helen, then I did in two years on my University photography course".
Marie Louise Tibbles Photography

"Helen is a wonderful teacher - I literally didn't know one end of a camera from the other. My camera had been lingering in a drawer alongside a teach yourself photography book for a few years. 
Helen was patient and made light work of teaching me how to use the camera. I've now confidence to take fab photos".
M. Lee Ramsgate

learn new photography skills
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