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After nearly 25 years working within the photography business taking photographs for fashion magazines, on film sets, of sport stars and celebrities Helen is offering her experience to provide a series of fun and imaginative photography lessons. 

Through a series of one 2 one workshops or group tutorials at a location of your choice, you will be able to develop confidence and open up your artistic abilities. Each lesson combines theory with practice, allowing enough time to go out and take photographs.

The workshops are broken down into different sessions which will give you a broad understanding of the profession. 

To date these courses have been attended by various individuals wishing to get more out of their mobile phones or to learn how to use their cameras like a professional. Companies have also booked Helen for her photography team building days and schools and colleges for her advice. Shes has also run after school clubs and mentored several students for their A-levels and GCSE's.

introductory lesson 

This is a fantastic lesson to introduce you to your camera and build your confidence.

  • Learn how to hold your camera comfortably

  • The on and off switch

  • The focus button

  • The different modes. What you do and don't need to know

  • What is the view finder?  Where is it. How to look through it. Grasping its importance

  • Your lenses capabilities. The telephoto and wide angle functionality

  • Lets practice!

beginners lesson 1

Combining theory with practical photography we will learn about the three special camera setting combinations. Knowing these will allow you to move away from your auto or programme setting and enable you to explore the manual mode; giving you more confidence to create artistic images.


The topics covered will be:-

  • Film speed (ISO)

  • Aperture (A /  F-stop)

  • Shutter speed (S)

beginners lesson 2

In this lesson we will learn “how to get it right in the camera first” saving you precious time and money.


The topics covered will include:

  • Practicing with different lens. Which is best type for the photography you like

  • The Viewfinder - Understanding proportions and knowing what type of information to include and exclude in your photographs

  • Cropping - Looking at the four corners of your photo. Understanding what to include and exclude to create the perfect picture

  • Practicing how to producing several images from just one set up

intermediate lesson 

Composition .  What does it mean?  We will work through and practice the three most important formulas photographers use to create their ideal photograph:-

  • Diagonals

  • The rule or thirds

  • Golden triangle

advanced lesson

​Now you have the overall view of your camera's mechanics, these are the final elements to get to grips with.

  • White balance – practice changing the 'Kelvin' temperature and see the different effects

  • Histogram and how it can help with your lighting

  • Flash – direct, bounced and controlling it's power output. Balancing flash with ambient light

  • Over exposing and under exposing with flash– see the different effects you can achieve

  • EV (Exposure Valuation). A fantastic mode to know about

post production lesson 

Learn how to turn your holiday snaps into pieces of wall-art or cards you can send your friends and family

  • Digital enhancing using Picasa – great fun and easy to use with impressive results 

lesson in setting up a professional studio

Visit our offices and learn from scratch how to set up a professional studio to photograph clients.

Topics covered will include:-

  • Tripods & weights

  • Setting up a backdrop

  • The many different types of reflectors, umbrellas, snoots and soft boxes we use

  • Three main light sources; Key light, back-light, hair light and the effects they produce 

  • Using a light meter

  • Infra-red attachments

  • Remote attachments

Please feel free to bring along someone you can use as a model to practice your photography on.


How to pose and interact with your clients for photos. Topics covered with be:-


  • Finding the illusive ‘best side’

  • Creating different looks

  • Perfecting smiles

  • Slimming techniques

lesson fees


  • A one 2 One lesson plan is £60.00 for an hour and a half tuition. These are held either at your home or a location or your choice within a 15 miler radius from RH13 0AS. There will be a small travel fee if the booking extends beyond this radius.

  • Alternatively book three lesson plans for £150.00, saving £30.00.

  • Group bookings start from £99.99. Fantastic for team building days. For more information on this unique service click here

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At Helen Tinner Photography we are looking to raise funds for the charity Crisis and we would love you to help. To do this, we are donating 10% of the booking fee, which will go to the charity.  

  1. If you wish to book choose your lesson plan and make your 10% donation through our Just Giving page

  2. Afterwards call the studio: 01903 877755 or email helen@helentinner.com to secure your date

  3. If this is a gift voucher please let us know and we will send you a gift voucher

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