Heading to the Jockey Club in Newmarket later to take photographs at the GWCT's annual fund-raising

I like to work discreetly, so I'll not use my flash & go to manual mode. I can utilise some of the room lighting, but need to up the ISO to approx 800, so the shutter speed doesn't go below 1/60th (anything less & I can get camera shake). I need a bit of depth of field, so I will up the F-stop to around 5.6 - 8. If the picture looks a bit dark, I can compensate this by increasing the EV to around +2. Finally, the ambient light is rather yellow so to avoid absorbing this colour, I will lower the white balance (WB) to around K3400 or less to gain more blue colouring in the image. I'll do a few test shots to check everything looks OK. Here are a few shots I took from last year. If you would like a 1-2-1 photo tutorial please click here

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