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Please find below answers to some of the most common questions you might have. If you can't find an answer to your question, please feel free to contact us.




Where does the photo shoot take place?


During these unprecedented times photo shoot can take place virtually, or on location.


What does a location shoot mean?


A location shoot means the photographs are taken outside at a destination of your choice.


Important notes to prepare you a virtual or location photo shoot with Helen Tinner


How to style your business portrait


Once you’ve made your booking on the day of your shoot, you need to be 100% photo ready, meaning you are fully prepared to be photographed and no time is wasted adjusting your appearance. In additional you need to think about your surroundings and background, as this is just as important and forms part of your public image.


The information below has been designed to help ensure you are presenting the best version of yourself: -


What should I wear?

  1. Consider your personal brand and who your global audience is. In other words, how do you want others to see you? Professional, trust worthy, friendly, approachable?

  2. If you want to present a corporate image, then go for something smart like a suit, otherwise if want a more relaxed casual look wear an outfit looser fitting and maybe ditch the tie

  3. Whatever style you choose make sure it fits you well and is ironed, as creases really show

  4. Virtual video communications can make you look very bleached out, so it may be worth picking out strong colours to wear

  5. Avoid wearing anything white which produces glare

  6. Usually people like to present themselves in a couple of ways, so for their website they may like a smart look, but for their blogs and social media posts they may prefer something more informal


What other points do I need to think about?

  • Hair - make sure you are happy with how it looks, otherwise get it sorted

  • Make-up – if you feel more confident wearing makeup, wear strong lipstick colours (as mentioned online video communication bleaches you out). Remove any old makeup and avoid heavy eye liner. Foundation must be well blended around the chin and neck.


What is a studio?


Helen or her team can come to your home with her mobile studio. This is a typical fashion studio, complete with lights, background and famous wind machine effect.  You can choose which background colour you like according to the look you are trying to achieve.  Colours of background also change according to the fashion at the time and for magazines we normally shoot on a white background.


What is a digital image?

A digital image is an image stored online or on disc. Digital images come in different resolutions depending on the usage. For example if a photograph needs to be enlarged; a higher resolution will be required normally, a minimum file size of 1mb, but for social media a smaller resolution works better as it will take less time to upload.


What does onsite printing mean?


Once you have been photographed, Helen has the facility to show you your re-touched images, which will immediately appear on screen, and you will be given the opportunity to purchase them.  Individual 7” x 5” photographs can be printed instantly to take away in either colour or black and white, presented in a designer black mount for just £10.00.


What should I wear to a family photo shoot?


This depends on the ‘look’ you prefer. A casual look could be jeans and shirts. If you favour a themed look wear similar tones, for example blue jeans with a white shirt, alternatively you could choose to mix and match patterns. 

For ‘location’ or outside shoots when it is sunny, avoid wearing white as this can cause glare on the camera.  Similarly this is also true if being photographed in our mobile studio. However on overcast days wearing white is fine together with muted colours for example creams, blues or greys. If it is sunny we advise wearing bright colours. 

Where there is time we may be able to incorporate a change of outfit, so have a few different looks on hand.  (This is not relevant when photographing small children).


Props such as a hats, scarfs and sunglasses also look great in pictures so bring these along and where possible we will incorporate them.


Is a makeup artist required?

If you would like us to arrange a makeup artist to be present at your photo shoot please let us know.


When can I view my photos?

If pre-arranged, your photgraphs can be viewed at the time of your photo shoot, otherwise, we will arrange a date that is convenient with you to view your photographs.  This may be up to 28 days after the shoot.


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