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Welcome to our Medical Photography

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We specialise in medical imagery
that presents
the patient experience
in a different way 

We focus on putting  patients first;
to enhance their medical experience and instil confidence

We know that hospital websites and literature

are dominated

by text and lack imagery

Helen Tinner in action at

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham

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We make the difference

#MedicalPhotography #MedicalPhotographer #ClinicalPhotographer

How we make
a difference

We create bespoke

photography packages

that captures the

patient medical journey

from start to finish

- Specific & targeted medical photographs

- Site, setting & context photographs

- Updating business portraits

- Updating team photographs

Images taken include:

The benefits


  • Reduces patient fears

  • Promotes your hospital; the consultants and their team to your patients

  • Enhances the patient experience

  • Patients feel better prepared to embrace their medical journey, with greater confidence

Medical Photography Medical Photographer

​All displayed photographs are taken by Helen Tinner Photography

Click here to find out more about Helen Tinner

How your images can be utilised

  • In all areas of marketing for your global audience,

  • Updating your website and social media pages such as LinkedIn,

  • Presentations and educational talks,

  • Blogs, Newsletters, Pamphlets,

  • Trade press, National and International Media


  • Helen Tinner Photography will contact you prior to the visit

  • We will then define your brief to create a list of images required

  • Patient consent is obtained

  • Helen Tinner will allocate 1 or 2 photography days

  • She will accompany patients from start to finish, to record their medical journey

  • Access to photographs will be within 5 working days of attendance

  • Photos can be easily downloaded from our secure online gallery

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