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with Helen Tinner


After more than 25 years photographing sport stars, celebrities, working on film and TV sets and completing many commissions many fashion and beauty magazines, Helen is now sharing her experience to anyone who is interested in improving their photography skills to take better photographs either on their phone or with a camera.


Modules range from introductory to advanced, plus there are classes on 'posing', studio set up and post production modules. These modules are designed to be fun and imaginative, introducing some theory whilst allowing plenty of time to take photographs.  Everything you need to know about photography is here and has been carefully thought through for your benefit. 

Helen also runs these modules to help mentor students during their A-levels and GCSE' and offers these as 'Team Building Days' for businesses. If you'd like to find out more about our team building days please click here.

Photography courses sussex

introductory module

Whether you use a mobile phone or camera to take photos, there are three settings that need mastering. 


Understanding these will enable you to move away from your auto or programme feature and let you explore the manual mode; giving you more confidence to create artistic images. The topics covered will include: -

  • Learn to comfortably hold your camera

  • Work the on / off switch

  • The 'Focus' button

  • Film speed (ISO)

  • Aperture (A /  F-stop)

  • Shutter speed (S)

sussex photography courses

beginners module 1

In this module will look at lens.  As a photographer you need to know which lens to choose before your take your photographs. Helen will show you the right one for different subjects, such as photographing people, products or landscapes. Choosing the correct type of lens means you'll avoid ugly distortion.   These the the lenses we'll be studying: -

  • Wide angle 

  • Standard

  • Portrait

photography courses UK

beginners module 2

This module aims to save your time and money by showing you “how to get it right in the camera first”.

Topics covered will include: -

  • The Viewfinder - learn the information to include and edit out of your photographs

  • Cropping - an essential guide and important skill to know about

  • Depth of field

  • Other top tips 


intermediate module

Composition .  What does this mean?  In this module we'll work through the three important formulas professional photographers use to capture their subject. These are: - 

  • Diagonals

  • Golden triangle

  • The rule of thirds

understanding flash module

Whether you have a detachable or in-built flash, this module will introduce you to all the wonderful creative possibilities available to you.  We'll look at the following: - 


  • Balancing different light sources

  • Flash V Ambient Light - be in control of your flash and produce stand out lighting effects

  • Direct of bounced flash - when to use and what effect this produces

  • Fill-in flash - how to add extra information and  interest into your photograph. When to use this to best effect

  • Increasing and decreasing the power source - how and why

advanced module

We'll look at the advanced elements professional photographers utilise which are: -

  • White balance 'WB' - working the 'Kelvin' temperature to work for you 

  • Histogram - what is it?

  • EV (Exposure Valuation). A secret mode everyone should seriously know about

1-2-1 Photography Tuition

post production module

Learn how to showcase your photographs by quickly turning your 'snaps' shots into pieces of wall-art or post cards you can send to friends and family.  We'll use Picasa (a free download from Goggle) to teach you how to easily master digital enhancing techniques that will give you fantastic results quickly – great fun and easy to get to grips with

Topics covered will be:- 

•    How to upload images into your computer
•    Colour temperature 
•    Exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks
•    Sharpening, softening
•    Cropping
•    Straightening
•    Vignettes
•    Exporting your images (for printing or for email)

Starred Photos9.jpg

module for setting up a professional studio

Helen will show you how to set up a professional studio to suit any space.  Topics covered will include: -

  • Safety

  • Tripods & weights

  • Backdrop options

  • Reflectors, umbrellas, snoots and soft boxes 

  • Three main light sources; Key light, back-light, hair light (how they differ)

  • Using a light meter

  • Infra-red attachments

  • Remote attachments

Please feel free to bring along someone you can use as a model to practice your photography on.
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