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team building

team building

Working Together

Welcome to our Team Building

What we do

With over 25 years of experience in providing photography within the fashion, film and event industry we have designed a unique workshop, which uses mobile phones and cameras to engage and develop

a team spirit

team building activities for teachers

Skills Learnt

Taking pictures in the surrounding environment, we use photography as a means of learning and will guarantee to improve photo abilities and provide an amazing set of new life talents.

  • Managing your 'personal image'

  • Role playing to find your 'best side' 

  • Posing and perfecting your smile 

  • Capturing light & shadow

  • Using props

  • Catwalk skills

  • Slimming techniques

  • Composition

  • Camera settings     

  • Eye direction

  • Cropping

  • Understanding angles

  • Creating the perfect group photograph

team building examples
team building activities

What our clients say


"I thought the session was very helpful and put a new perspective on taking pictures, especially group ones. Helen was very informative and good at going around to everyone and making useful suggestions.  A productive afternoon!" 


"I thought the session was great fun and very informative (especially as I donít have a creative bone in my body). Good team building exercise and hopefully we will now be taking better photos.  Thanks for organising it." 


"I found the training really useful. My poses in photographs should be more interesting too!!!" 


"An additional benefit was spending sometime with the fundraising team and interacting on a different level, very important for team building." 


"Thanks for organising this, I really enjoyed it and do feel more confident both in front of and behind the camera." 


The Fund-Raising Team from St Barnabas House


"I cannot say a big enough thank you to Helen for giving me back my confidence and teaching me how to smile again."   

Christina Chatfield

The Dental Health Spa. Brighton

Makeover Parties

Makeover Parties are a fantastic way to breakdown barriers and enhance team collaboration. Suitable for any business sector.

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