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1     Engagement for Photographic Services

  • We will provide photography services in accordance with the dates supplied.

2     Ownership and Photographic Licence

  • We retain absolute ownership of copyright and all intellectual property rights in our work at all times.

  • We license the client to use the images, which results from the engagement for the sole purpose as set out in the booking details.

  • In the event that the client requires the images resulting from the engagement for any other purpose, we undertake to negotiate with them in good faith for a fair price for further usage.

  • Photographs are licensed for the sole usage of the organisation as agreed. Should other parties wish to utilise any images taken during the engagement for their own commercial purposes, they must contact Helen Tinner Photography to negotiate terms of usage otherwise a copyright fine will be imposed.

  •     Fees and Expenses

    Where applicable the balance must be settled prior to the engagement. Once payment has been received your images will be processed. This may take up to 28 working days. If images are required before this time there may be an administrative charge of £12.50. 

  • All photographs must be credited: Photography by Helen Tinner.

  • Helen Tinner’s hourly fee will be £85.00.  Assistants and Technicians £35.00.

  • Photographs will be supplied as originals in colour. There is no charge to provide them in black and white but please ensure we know at the point of booking if you require this service. The fee includes post production to ensure your photographs are print ready. If you require any further post production the fee will be £30.00 to enhance up to 50 images. Post production includes cropping of images, creating soft focus and vignette effects, boosting sky lines (defined as adding blue sky and sunshine).

  • For further digital enhancing the fee will be as follows: Option 1 spots, wrinkles and eye bags £10.00 Option 2 inclusive of all items in option one plus brightening of teeth £20.00.  Option 3 inclusive of all items in option one and two plus chin re-profiling and any other requirements £35.00.  If you require option three please provide this written as any further work which is not originally detailed will be subjected to additional charges.

  • Our secure internet gallery allows the client to view and purchase additional photographs in a wider range of sizes and products. The fee to upload images onto our secure viewing gallery will be £25.00 for up to 150 images. The images will remain online for 28 days.  After this time they will be taken off and if you wish to upload them again there will be an administration charge of £25.00 which will include 2 7” x 5” photographs, postage and packaging.

  • The fee to hire and set up the studio will be £90.00.

The hire of a professional make-up artist to help each person create a perfect magazine look starts from £25.00 or £100.00 for up to six people.

  • Our cancellation fees are as follows: Full fee will be due if less than one months’ notice is given / 50% of the fee will be due if less than four months notice is given. This will be based upon the number of hours and the days forfeited by Helen Tinner and her assistant.

  •      If an engagement finishes beyond 12:00pm accommodation must be organised.

  •      Photographs and discs will be sent by regular post. If a courier service or special delivery is required please notify us at the point of booking.

  • Individual engagement bookings are quoted at the time of enquiry. Our fees may vary with future bookings.

  •      Additional images and products may take up to 28 working days to process from the viewing date.  If you   require them before this time there will be an administration fee of £25.00.


  •     Travel expenses.

    Travel expenses for Helen Tinner will be £85 per hour. The fee for technicians (as defined as those seen viewing and printing photographs) will be £35.00 per hour and £35.00 per hour for photographic assistants. 

    Fuel expenses for Helen Tinner will be calculated from the business postcode IP23 7BG to the location postcode. For technicians and photographers these will be calculated from their business address to the destination postcode. This will be measured from the AA route planner and charged at .60p per mile.

    Unless complimentary parking has been prearranged any fees incurred will be calculated and added onto the invoice. This includes any congestion or toll charges.

    For any additional travel expenses incurred during the engagement an invoice will be forwarded shortly afterwards and must be paid within 28 days.

    Occasionally the services of a driver may be required. The fee for this will be £77.25 for the first 24 hours and £10 per hour thereafter. We will inform you if this service is necessary.

  •      Food expenses.

    For half day shoots (four hours or more) kindly ensure a hot meal is provided for each team member. The photographer and team will only take 15 minutes to eat and will do so when there are no photographic opportunities.  If food is not provided at the engagement the fee will be £25.00 per team member and an invoice with be forwarded after the engagement.

  •           Services

    For any additional time incurred beyond that which is specified in the booking form, an invoice for these services will be forwarded after the engagement.

  •          Location

    The client is entirely responsible for all matters relating to the location and its suitability for the engagement.

    If the photography entertainment service is required please ensure that during the planning stages with your venue organiser, you confirm there is enough space. There is no minimum space required as we can work around any area, but a preferable size for the studio would 8ft x 8ft. For the viewing and printing of photographs a small table is also desirable. Please make sure you include these requirements into your planning as failure to do so may result in us being unable to provide our full service.

         For engagements where photographs are printed immediately, the photography team must be situated in the same area as where the guests are eating or an alternative arrangement must be organised and agreed with Helen Tinner in advance.

5    Other

  • The client will be entirely responsible for any of Helen Tinner’s photography equipment which is broken or damaged during the engagement. 

  • Images will be supplied either as prints or as digital images. Prints are defined as photographs reproduced onto photographic paper. Digital images are photographs saved onto a disc. 

  • If you require images to be altered after the engagement please refer to our digital retouching service (Section 3, Paragraph e).

  • At the engagement we will set up a small board publishing our photographic services.

  • Whilst every care will be taken to preserve your images, the photographer cannot be responsible for any eventualities that may occur during or after the engagement. This is to include theft, assault or Acts of God.

  • Upon committing to have your photographs taken by Helen Tinner Photography, you are agreeing with the style of work and we will not refund any monies or take responsibility due to your dissatisfaction with the style or content of the photography.

6    Weddings only

  • Photographs must be collected within one year of the wedding date. After this time we cannot be held responsible for the whereabouts or any misplacement of photographs and images.

  • Please allow enough time to take your group shots as we cannot be held accountable if time runs out and we have been unable to capture these photographs. We take approximately five to ten minutes to pose and photograph each group, we therefore recommend taking the biggest group shots first (i.e. those containing five persons or more) and leaving the smaller groups to last.

  • During the wedding Helen Tinner will concentrate mainly on taking photographs of the wedding party. If you would like an assistant photographer to capture informal and posed shots of your guests the fee will be £25.00 per hour.

7     Charities Only

  • Charities are required to pay a £370.00 deposit. This includes a £200.00 refundable deposit - once 20 photographs have been purchased at £10.00 per photograph, and a non-refundable deposit of £170.00 (this covers our photographic entertainment services i.e. the studio, background, lights, wind machine, plus professional photographer and full time cover of the event

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