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LATEST UPDATE to deliver 2000 of my special events photography fliers

Am aiming to deliver 2000 of my special events photography flier to the North Suffolk villages and just delivered 80 fliers, only 1920 to go. Thought it sounded a lot until I spoke to my local posty, who says he can deliver to 600 homes in 8 hours!! Well, there’s a challenge in itself!

As mentioned in my previous post, if you’d like to help spur me on whilst raising funds for our friend Abigail’s hospice The Paul Sartori Foundation, that would be wonderful. Abigail sadly recently lost her life to breast cancer. If you’d like to donate, please use the link below. Even if it’s just a pound it will go to a very worthy cause.

Here’s the flier if you are interested in my photography services too.


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