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Managing Your Personal Image Part 3. Ways To Improve Your Smiling Techniques

Updated: May 12, 2020

Are you worried about smiling ‘on screen’?

Pre lock-down I used to teach courses in ‘Posing’ and learning how to ‘Manage Your Personal Image’ for aspiring actors, models and business leaders wishing to know how to find their ‘best side’. So, in this article I’m going to tackle one of these issues which is smiling.

Why is it important to know how to smile?

Choosing your smile is very much part of your personal branding, so knowing how to confidently throw out a practiced smile is an important life skill to have.

How to avoid uncomfortable smiles?

Many people are conscious of their smile, perhaps because they don’t like their teeth or they feel it makes their eyes go squinty. Whatever their reason, when faced with a situation either online or when posing for photos it’s easy to tense up.

What happens next?

The natural reaction if you dislike smiling is to purse your lips. However, this look isn’t very flattering or friendly looking and in business we want to be seen as confident and approachable so let’s look at how we can remedy this.

How to improve your smile?

Smiling on demand can feel awkward and strange, so the best way forward is simply to imagine you are acting and fake it. Try the following three smiles. Practice these in-front of a mirror so you know in your mind’s eye how you look, then when you need to smile it will come easily and you will be able to do this naturally.

  1. Small smile with no teeth showing – keep your lips together, but relaxed, slightly lift the edges up. Feel the muscles in your cheeks rise up.

  2. Half smile – open your mouth slightly to reveal your teeth and note the difference in how you look and feel.

  3. Big smile – involves an open smile as if laughing (for some this may feel uncomfortable to do, so as suggested just imagine you are acting and fake it)

And Finally

Add some emotion when you smile, otherwise your expression can look blank and your eyes dead. Try a before and after smile so you can see the difference.

After you have completed these exercises, decide which smile you feel most happy with. Once you are confident with one smile you can then move on and try another smile. :0)

I hope these tips are helpful for the next time you look in the mirror. If would like to know more about ‘Managing Your Personal Image ‘or have queries regarding private, commercial and special occasion shoots call Helen on 01903 877755 or 07985 001534 or email

To find out more please visit:

All words are copyrighted to Helen Tinner

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