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Notes for students to help you with your journey into work as a photographer

There are many different types of photography you can get into for example, travel, underwater photography, weddings, product photography and so on. I specialise in portraiture so I take photographs of people, whether this is at an event or updating their business photographs for their social media pages and website.

If you are considering entering into this industry here are a few tips for you.

ü Believe in yourself – you can become a photographer at any age as long as you are confident in what you are selling. People buy from confidence. Just know your stuff.

ü Consider also selling the photos you take through Instagram and Facebook. Also try stock libraries. If you’re not familiar with this, type into Goggle: - photo stock images.

ü Be disciplined.

ü You’ll use Maths lot. I use my times table every-day to work out discounts, percentages, offers etc. Especially at events when you need to do quick deals.

ü And English. I’m writing emails and messages constantly. You need to know how to explain yourself, so a good grip of the Engli