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Top Tips On How To Look Our Best For A Video Communications Call From Your Laptop And Mobile

Video and mobile communications are proving a great way of keeping in touch with not only our friends and families but also with business colleagues. Remote working has become the norm and there is lots of collaboration software out there including Zoom Meetings, Skype, Google Hangouts and Zoho Meeting. For some of us, it’s pretty new, but it seems destined to stay, even when we get through the lockdown period. With all of us set to be ‘on camera’ more frequently looking good is becoming an essential part of our daily lives.

Are you worried about the way you look on the screen?

As a photographer, I’m always aiming to get great shots of my clients and it’s come to my notice that some people are worried about the way they look on the screen. Some are saying it’s affecting their self-confidence and a close friend of mine recently sent me a message saying she was participating in multiple conference calls, but couldn’t concentrate or listen to what people were saying because she was so shocked by her appearance. If this is happening to you, here are the top tips from Helen Tinner Photography, so that you look at your best for your next video and mobile conference call.

Why am I not looking good on my device?