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Tops Tips For ‘Managing Your Personal Image’

Tops Tips For ‘Managing Your Personal Image’

In my last article I wrote in response to a friend’s concern who had contacted me saying she was participating in multiple conference calls, but couldn’t concentrate on what was being said or listen to what people were saying because she was so shocked by her appearance. I hope my previous article gave you all some positive feedback.

Now I am being asked if it is possible to look good in mirrors and the answer is YES. Here are some more top tips from Helen Tinner Photography to help boost your self-confidence.

Are you worried about your reflection in the mirror?

Don’t be hard on yourself. The glass in mirrors like - camera lenses is shaped differently and this gives a warped sense of reality. What you are seeing is not a true reflection of yourself.

What can I do to look good in mirrors?

  1. Choose one or two mirrors in your house which are flattering and only remember this image of yourself. Ignore all others.

  2. If you are looking at yourself closely, perhaps using a bathroom mirror, don’t use this image as your reference. In real life no-one is going to be standing that close to you or inspecting you in the same way as you are.

  3. The most flattering angle to hold a hand held mirror is high up, at a distance with soft lighting.

  4. For the best effect refer to mirrors which have built in straight on lighting which emits a soft warm light.

  5. Once you have mastered how you like to see yourself, you can then use this reference for social media in video and mobile communication calls.

Which mirrors are the worst culprits at making you look bad… and subsequently making you feel bad about yourself?

  1. I would have to say changing rooms are the best for making you look awful. This is largely because of the use of cheap mirrors and downward lighting, which create nasty shadows.

  2. Avoid any mirrors that are slightly tiled upwards.

  3. Similarly, anything with harsh side lighting.

Other points to consider

Avoid looking in car windows or shop windows. These also have the same effect of creating a warped sense of reality.

How Helen Tinner Photography can help you

I hope these tips are helpful for the next time you look in the mirror. If would like to know more about ‘Managing Your Personal Image ‘or have queries regarding private, commercial and special occasion shoots

call Helen on 01903 877755 or 07985 001534 or email

To find out more please visit:


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